Cage Of Dreams

by Fyrce Muons



released July 24, 2017



all rights reserved


Fyrce Muons San Diego, California

Over thirty seven years of outsider space punk. Fyrce Muons continue to defy any musical genre with their brand of provocative concept albums and surrealistic poetry. Samyul Vaddyllac - vocals, Christian Verger - guitars, Monica Rhuhl - percussions, T20 Iogami - keyboards ... more

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Track Name: Ameryka
Step right up to the dream of Ameryka
Land of the free and home of the tame

My symbol of the freed
Our home began as slaves
Your colors suffer bleed
A mind in heaven

Not saved in nation
The seeds of hammers
The fist of kings will never come

Show your strength
Diversify your ranks
Truth is just an art
My symbol of the free
Track Name: Beauty In Hunger
Tease tease have a seed
All man’s choice is one man’s greed
Need need every grain
Beauty in the hunger pain
Feed feed almost man
Throw them in the garbage can
Crow’s curse in a rage
Take the food that others made
Praise praise holy food
Sally Struthers motherhood
Pay pay silver rings
Absolution money brings
Smile smile in the mirror
Take these starving waifs from here
Hide hide in a dream
Gorgeous dying reverb scream

Say this isn’t really mine

Leisure callous mine
Peace in false heaven mind
We easy living here

Condescend beauty starve
With a lens willing dream charming scene
Stay alive be the crime
Bearer of tart it is wine
Finer then as they die
Willing fool play it blind
Cross the door hunger find
Track Name: Breakfast At Chinnamasta's
Hold that time
Get your fingers on your hindsight man
Can’t you say I concede
I can say that man
Faulty head you don’t know
Every which one day

Full on bleed it

I can see that one approaches from the gloomy cage
You’re mine your cave you’re blind you laugh
You take the saber’s blade
Torn around you see the clock
Never feeling severed locks
And then the free
The fountains bleed

It’s underground

Night collisions in the daylight
Shoulders are easing from heaven
Breaking the silence always heaven
Track Name: Cage Of Dreams
For crimes of subconscience no desire for freedom

And the light of the city isn’t holiness indeed it ain’t right
In these cities there lay mutton who lay violent in the shadows of the night
Tortured calls from the living are broken by the warriors blades of fright
Too far to reach the ribbon in the holy holy desperate of the night

And while I wash away
Burning down to wash away
Seed of steel to wash away
Weeping dream I wash away
Silent sea I wash away

I follow in the tunnels of the shiny clown parade
Shattering the silence of the catacomb’s release
I swim here every night
I see it all again in the end

All again in my cage
Track Name: Crazed Witch Cafe
Real time storms in her hovel
Living walls of palms sway
Beat it forward with the task of lead
Born and bald in the same sentence as you

These open hungry gods
We call upon the knaves
The gnome is sleeping there
A hidden flame in hand
The fly delivers drinks
The menu features fate

Black breeze follows jade
Follows crimes
Follows birth
Her hands are nothing like the small tapered dawn
The gnarled growing tree
The simmered heads we bake

She serves a single tease
This labour forces knees
To disappear in here
You seed the witch cafe
Track Name: Don't Take My Creamies Away
Innocent sex
The cinnemon’s tone
In a blind face
The sinner is gone

Faceless body bind
Hairless features
Chrome sense crawling
Nothing lays decent
Creamie’s knees rank me
Your breed you spunk
Intent shivers
Groping fingers
Swell of mission
Bells toll incision
You can’t have this place
You don’t own this gate

Don’t take my creamies away
Track Name: Fear Of Swarm
Coming amidst me the swarms of jellies’ orbs
Urchin arms exploding out with skeletal hands and melting into my body

Scathing incisions with their hair
Monsters fleeing eyeballs wrap me bare
Be filled with simple leeches
I take the only chances
They clean the bones inside my lair

Just a fiend who gathers all his Abel
Bait is hanging nothing is the real
Then upon the pattern in saliva
Taste the brine in a margarita
Then you find they come from in your halo
When they march not another rifle

Swarm disease not another rifle
Sensing suffocation in this air
Crawling with a million living hairs
Moving as the reaper’s mess
Give it up and please the rest
Crawling in a ball below the snare
Track Name: Hammer Smell Fishy
Moles my brethren
Call my mission bathed in rhythm

When a flea is a flea you don’t stop to think
Kill kill kill to the bastard
When a monster is a monster you get out your checkbook
And make them king

In sanguine I see them
For patience
For distance
Leisure and naked decisions
And tigers who suffer the chains of their genocide cries

Bold in issue
Scorch thy children
Cold and fingers probe the anus
Reich in the cells
Jesus is named
With vice in their eyes my freedom is maimed
Cellars and nails ceases his fame
A calling from voices from voices who shriek out his name

Brace semen
Shun magician
Dive inside a demon with rhythm
Deeds in rhythm
Demons in rhythm
Track Name: In Case Of Fire
You would think that something out there in the infinite dream world would come to
help you. But when I pull the alarm there’s never an answer.

For the strangest dreams
In the summer heat
I direct the brain to proceed with me
I am underneath
I can see your face
I am intolerable
I am just a man
I am insufferable
For the strangest dreams
We face the reach

I you

Should I say it now
I bid a summer breeze
I will be weeping now
I can see the me
I can see me now
Track Name: Likely Serendipity
The only story the next morning was to pass the night before and banish all my science known.

I’m not the summer wind
I’m at the edge of fall
To hear the knock of shine careen an empty hall
And then it comes from the sky to enter sorry bliss
The empty prison dies
The angels bring their kiss

Leaving it down in the sea

And then it comes from the sky
The cooler summer rain
The veritable heaven cries to all those born insane

It’s the must of a chill
It’s a dawn of rape
Trumpet down the bowl of seas
Beauty his of the congregation
Monster runs out of desperation
Hollow minds shoot the nines
Deeper knives the rest of the night
The beast of the sane
The center pull
The rust of a king

Born of dingos
Other crimes blow my mind like a safe
You be mine with fun and games
Pelted down the son or rain
Track Name: Look Numb
Crazy hags to ceaseless hate
Mein nacht freund reveal gods hate cooked and seasoned

A night feed
Believe in the ivoryman
Must be in this state to head of piss
Has too frightened me
Cease in my failure
A deader eyeball
See the bitter comfort

Nothing sweet
Nothing fences
Nothing dazed
Nothing mended

See me save us

The Persian dram
The seasoned hole
The bitter lips
Look numb for home it’s not a weird net

The night feed
It’s like a day
Track Name: Paint Great Bridges
So hard to make them come of light
And shining silver gleam be coal be rust be earth in all her colors
Hope for even more

As I breathe so heavy in light
Of statement into a bird
It’s right into a crossing
It’s right

Falling to down
Consider it well
I know the fight
Consider it well

See the birds release in vain
Never saw the madness
It turned out to ever be mind over matter
You seem to hate that side of me
Deny the one I used to be
It never will
Track Name: Pieces Of Life
Flocks of flying color scattered by the master albatross
And by pain of beauty pierce my heart with grief

It’s a reach this sealant
A bad star
A proud sinner
Cans growing
God’s face
More color less rage

Sea mount
Say it
Fancy pants

Gauguin the sun has mystery
Gauguin the sun is living
Gauguin the sun is leaving

Find peace in a place
I’ll take those color days
More color less rage
Track Name: Shameless With Shame
I bond with the high
Wind and clouds and dangle in my helpless glory

Faded act
Another revolution
Naked crime for the older generation
Princely gait the wobble of a moron
Dig that sand
We’ll start a revolution

Take it home

Nipple rapes
Stolen time
Stolen kiss
I’m not safe
Violence in the nation
Balance intonation
Find your bacon
If the future hasn’t taken it
Simple visions
Simple as the never air
Bide the time now
To show your nakedness

Floating in your birthday suit
Licking every residue
Everyone wants something different
Everyone will leave in costume now

Take it home
Take me home
Track Name: Steal And Sell
Popular with pirates I be
Shackled and ransomed to a shady end

Evil is and evil isn’t hiding in your walls
I can barely see them as they bury into skulls
All of decisions driven by the might of greed
When they own the sun and when they savage all the trees

It is easy
It is treason

Selling it is easy while they calibrate their claws
Even these imaginary holy men don’t know

It is easy
It is sleazy
It is treason
It is indubious
Track Name: Such A Pretty Thorn
Ancient riddle of beauty and beast
Who can madonna whore please
Enter take a number

Hold the rain
Folding days for the wake
It was said that a man having blood upon his hand
Live in night
Make it pure
And walk away in laughter at your heart

For demure
Stopping time today
For demure
Pulling desire away

For demure
Pulling thorns away
In the night upon us
We see the night upon us
Track Name: The Eye Tunnel
Dark dank old and bleak
Bold the way my soul to seek
Ashes alas for bones

Hollow with the sound
Get it right
Lowered into ground
Blessed fate
Born with the day
This gift suffered from the clay

In the blackest night it is safe to see
Inside earth eye the victim bends for candy
The ball of safety wrapped inside the cocoon grip

All is not the sacred one
You deny the sunny one
You deny the sunny day
See the might of hammer
The divide of schisms
Silent voices in a way
See the knife is coming down
I approach a colder wall
Coming down the summer way
Track Name: The Saracen Cannot Help
Gliding upwards like a massive twisting cloudbank
Prickles appear first then into lances and armoured heads on huge armoured horses

Over the swerving hill and into the hole of heart
Since then the sign
A coven of oily need
Now there aren’t enough diamonds in this world

This crisis and poisoned match
Kniving of nations
Like a pollen in air I mix angels with shattered wings
A deliverance
A cold snake

It’s draft a kiss
Inductive days
The restorate

I slip inside the oven of peace
Night holds the blinding chain that holds my feet
It ties us to the faith

Amidst the gawkers who see my accident who come to smile at me
My great misfortune
Spiny fingers find the tinkers
Go find the spears
Track Name: ZZZ Brain Collective
Believe the synapses are correct
Or to assume my architecture beyond those crazy circuits can put all this back into place

The sand castle brace is washed away by fate
The wonders flash by toppling in the mind
I’m better in this place
No calculation sane
The pictures burst and flash in this mine

The night secret
The right secret

This floating cage is in a bubble in and out of sea
The starve of rat waits inside a bat face
This hollow sounding is a time without a time
It begs to rest
All demons blessed
I am a witch you ate
The violent window soar
From void originate
My wake will close the door